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COVID-19 Relief Credit 2021-2022 Liquor and Video Gaming License

  1. Relief Credit Criteria
    The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Waukegan’s small business community is profound. The owners and employees of Waukegan restaurants, many of whom are Waukegan residents, are particularly hard hit. In an effort to compliment state and federal assistance programs, the City Council approved Resolution NO 2020-R-95 to offer some relief to liquor and gaming license holders in Waukegan.
  2. The Resolution will enable a 25% credit toward the FY 2021-22 liquor and gaming license fees to those business in good standing.
  3. The credit provided does not apply to any other fees, fines or charges due to the City of Waukegan. The said credit shall not be provided to any business found to be violating any of the Mayoral, Lake County Health Department, Illinois Liquor Control Commission, Illinois Gaming Board or Gubernatorial orders.
  4. Resolution may be found here: SUBMISSION DEADLINE - 08/01/2021
  5. Name on business signs
  6. Name on legal forms and tax forms
  7. Found on previous invoices (7 digits, start with #2)
  8. Top right on license certificate
  9. Physical location, not mailing
  10. Full name, no initials
  11. Relationship to Business Ex: President/Family member/Accountant/Secretary
  12. Best contact for potential credit and missing paperwork
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