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Sign Permit Application

  1. Application for Sign Permit
    The undersigned owner or agent, hereby applies to the Building Department of the City of Waukegan to erect/construct a sign hereinafter described. And if granted the permit applied for, I will comply with all of the requirements of the city sign ordinance relating thereto and pay the fees required by said ordinances. The building or structure is (or is to be) used for the purpose of (check one):
  2. Property Description*
    Please check one box that applies to the location of work you are applying for
  3. Application for sign permit of property located within the City of Waukegan limits
  5. Describe in detail
  6. Type of Sign*
  7. Electrical Sign?*
  8. i.e. 2 x 8 ft
  10. Linear Feet
  11. Linear Feet
  12. List of Current Signage at Location
    List out all current signage displayed/installed at the property location to include; ground, wall, window, blade, awning, and other signs in the fields below
  13. A scale drawing of the sign(s)
  14. A scale drawing of the property showing the location of any ground sign proposed and setback distance from lot lines
  15. Plans and specifications for sign installation
  16. ONLY required with sign with electrical components - Electrical diagrams and specifications
  17. Certificate of Insurance as required by City Ordinance - All contractors must be registered with the City of Waukegan
  18. License and Permit Bond as required by City Ordinance - All contractors must be registered with the City of Waukegan
  19. E-Signature*
    By clicking on 'Electronically Sign' below, you understand that an electronic signature is taking place and you intend to be bound by and authenticate this electronic record and attest to the statements contained within, and that you understand that submitting another individual's electronic signature or attesting to false statements in an electronic record is a false statement that is punishable as unsworn falsification under AS 11.56.210; is an offering of a false instrument for recording that is punishable under AS 11.46.550; and may constitute other crimes such as perjury, theft, attempted theft, criminal mischief, forgery, criminal impersonation, scheme to defraud or criminal use of a computer; or other criminal offenses under state, municipal, or federal law. As the owner or owner's legal agent of the property identified above, I hereby consent to the installation of this sign upon said property and accept the responsibilities and eventual removal of the sign as provided by the City of Waukegan Sign Ordinance.
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