Greenwood Ave Bridge - Phase I Engineering

Phase I Engineering for the project site includes the Greenwood Avenue bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad, and the roadway approaches. The project will consist of bridge removal and replacement, reconstruction of Greenwood Avenue from east of IL 137 to just east of Pershing Road, multi-use path installation, grading, and parkway restoration.  The bridge will be closed during construction.  Traffic attempting to access areas West and East of the bridge will be re-routed via a detour along Sheridan Road, Grand Avenue, and Pershing Road.  No right-of-way or easements will be required to construct this improvement.  

Greenwood Avenue is classified as a major collector, and the existing bridge was built with two through lanes in either direction. The lanes farthest from the center of the bridge have been closed off with jersey barriers, allowing for one through lane in either direction along Greenwood Avenue. The bridge crosses two tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad Kenosha Subdivision. Surficial drainage on the approaches to the bridge is directed to storm drains. Aerial electric and communication lines are present in the surrounding area. The project is located in Section 10, Township 45 North, Range 12 East, Lake County, Illinois.

The schedule of work is as follows:

  •     Spring 2023: Target of Phase I Design Approval by IDOT
  •     Summer 2023: Submit Phase II Engineering Agreement to IDOT
  •     Fall 2023: IDOT Approves Phase II Engineering Agreement
  •     Spring 2024: Submit Preliminary Drawings and Specifications to IDOT
  •     Summer 2024: Submit Prefinal Drawings and Specifications to IDOT
  •     Fall 2024: Submit Final Drawings and Specifications to IDOT
  •     Spring 2025: Target Construction Letting

This page includes the Draft Project Development Report, Volumes I and II; a Letter of the Public Offering; a Video of the Proposed Bridge Reconstruction; and Typical Federal Funded Timeframe for IDOT Approved Surface Transportation Projects.

Letter of Public Offering for Greenwood Avenue Bridge

Greenwood Avenue Bridge - Draft PDR (Vol I)

Greenwood Avenue Bridge - Draft PDR (Vol II)

IDOT Brochure- It Takes Time (HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION From Start to Finish)