Steep Slope Ordinance

The City of Waukegan’s ravine and bluff areas provide a unique natural resource to the City and to its residents that must be preserved and protected. Bluffs and ravines are inherently fragile and subject to erosion due to glacially formed soils containing unstable sediment, rock and silt. Development and construction activity in and around bluffs and ravines can be hazardous to people and property and can accelerate the erosion process. The purpose and intent of these Regulations is to accomplish the following goals through the establishment of reasonable regulations to protect and maintain the bluffs and ravines in the City.

  1. Protect people and property against damage or destruction caused by accelerated erosion resulting from development and construction activities in or around bluffs and ravines.
  2. Protect bluffs and ravines against unnecessary damage or destruction caused by certain development and construction activities.
  3. Maintain proper water runoff to decrease the effects of erosion on bluffs and ravines.
  4. Minimize the disruption or alteration of natural drainage occurring in or around bluffs and ravines.
  5. Protect the property values of properties on which bluffs and ravines are located.
  6. Preserve and enhance the physical and aesthetic qualities of bluffs and ravines by, among other things, minimizing the disruption or damage to existing vegetation.

Ordinance 02-O-75 Steep Slope

Genesee Street Ravine Facing East