Special Event Requirements

Special event means a planned temporary aggregation of people or attractions for a common purpose, including but not limited to, street fairs, arts and crafts shows, carnivals, circuses, rallies, public entertainments, or other similar events or attractions, that:

(1) Are conducted primarily outdoors; and

(2) Interfere with the normal flow or regulation of pedestrian or vehicular traffic; or

(3) Require special city services, may include but are not limited to: street closure; provisions of barricades; special garbage collection and removal; special parking arrangements; special electrical services; and special police services.

To apply, applicants must complete an application along with the appropriate non-refundable processing fee.

Applicants in Good Standing

Applicants not in good standing with the City of Waukegan and/or State of Illinois will not be considered.

Submission Deadline

Unless the event is to be conducted in January or February, applications must be filed in the calendar year in which the event is to take place. Applications for the calendar year will be accepted beginning January 1st for Governmental entities and February 1st for the public. Applications will only be accepted through September 30th. Applications will not be accepted October 1st through December 31st. (If the event is to take place in January or February, the application must be filed no earlier than one year prior to the event.) 

Application Deadline

No applications will be accepted less than thirty (30) days prior to the event. Applicants seeking approval for use of City property are encouraged to submit their application at least sixty (60) calendar days prior to the event as approval by City Council is required. Incomplete applications will not be placed on the agenda until the application is complete.

Application Initial Review Period

After submitting all forms, your application will be reviewed by the City’s staff. All departments that will be involved in providing services or permits for the event will be notified. The City’s special events coordinator will notify you within eight (8) business days after applying with the status of your application. Do not assume that all aspects of the event will be approved. You may be asked to make some changes to your plan.

Special Event Application