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For agendas posted after March 2017, visit BoardDocs. For archived agendas, posted before March 2017, visit our site’s Agenda Center.

2021 Regular City Meetings

Videos of all City Council and committee meetings are available here.

2021 City Council Schedule

Time: 7:00 PM  

January                       February    
4th, 19th*                     1st, 16th* 

March                          April
1st,  15th                      5th,  19th

May                              June
3rd,  17th                      7th,  21st

July                              August
6th*,  19th                     2nd,  16th

September                  October 
7th*, 20th                     4th,  18th

November                   December
1st,  15th                      6th,  20th

In order to comply with the requirements of 5 ILCS 120/2.06(g), and the requirements of 65 ILCS 5/8-2-9, and in keeping with the Executive Orders recited above, and in furtherance of protecting the public health, taking into consideration the available technology, hardware and software, as well as the likely difficulties reasonably anticipated of the public to participate remotely, public comment will be limited to pre-submitted communications filed with the City Clerk. Any member of the public wishing to make comments, must submit such comments in writing, or by audio or visual recording, to the City Clerk at not later than 4:00pm the day of the meeting. The Clerk shall play or read into the record any and all such comments received. Any comments received that would take an ordinary person more than 3 minutes to read shall only have the first 3 minutes read, however all comments will be posted in their entirety on the City’s website and circulated to the Aldermen.

2021 Regular Committee Meetings

Time: Between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM

1st Monday of the Month 
Community Development
Government Operations & Oversight

3rd Monday of the Month
Finance & Purchasing
Public Works & Infrastructure

When Called
Code Revisions, Appeals & Negotiations 

Waukegan City Hall
Council Chamber
100 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue
Waukegan IL 60085

*Note: When legal holidays fall on Monday (City Hall is closed for business) the regular meetings of the City Council are held the following Tuesday at 7:00 PM

Electioneering Definition via Illinois State Board of Elections

Any broadcast, cable, satellite or internet communication, that refers to a clearly identified candidate, or candidates, who will appear on the ballot, a clearly identified political party, or question of public policy that will appear on the ballot for nomination for election, election, or retention, and is made within (i) 60 days before a general election or consolidated election or (ii) 30 days before a primary election that is targeted to the relevant electorate and is susceptible to no reasonable interpretation other than as an appeal to vote for or against a clearly identified candidate for nomination for election, election, or retention, a political party, or a question of public policy.