Master Plan Design Guidelines

This document was prepared by the City of Waukegan to expand and clarify the concepts put forth in the 2003 Waukegan Lakefront-Downtown Master Plan.

The Master Plan, the result of a nine-month process of evaluation, design and public comment, was approved unanimously by the Waukegan City Council in August of 2003. The Plan proposes the creation of three new lakefront development districts, a fourth lakefront district featuring a variety of open space amenities, and the refinement of the Downtown district, all containing a variety of land uses and building types. It also defines a series of public investments in infrastructure, including new streets, public parks, and an enhanced lakefront. These elements combine to form an exciting new vision for Waukegan, one that reconnects the downtown to Lake Michigan while stimulating significant new investment in the city.

The Design Guidelines identify the character, details and maximum allowed development for all components of the Master Plan. This document is intended for use by both regulating agencies and private developers to achieve the goals and objectives set forth in the Master Plan. When properly implemented, these Guidelines will create new districts, streets and open spaces for Waukegan that will realize the long-term vision set forth by the citizens and government of Waukegan for their city.

Due to the large file size of the Design Guidelines, it has been broken down into multiple parts. Download time will depend on your connection speed.