Citizen Police Academy

waukegan citizen police academy infographic 2023

The purpose of the Waukegan Citizen Police Academy (WCPA) is to foster goodwill and understanding between the Waukegan Police Department and the citizens of the City. WCPA is taught by members of the Waukegan Police Department.

Students gain valuable insight not only into how the Waukegan Police Department functions, but gives them the opportunity to practice our methods hands on. In return, it puts our police officers in contact with the public and gives an opportunity for the police department to gain insight to the needs and expectations of the community.

During the academy, participants receive classroom and hands on training and experience.  Participants get hands-on instruction in:

  • Police officer selection
  • Police officers training
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Patrol duties
  • Criminal investigations 
  • Juvenile law
  • Criminal justice system
  • Firearm qualification
  • Traffic stops and DUI laws
  • Use of Force and case law
  • K-9 training and handling
  • Neighborhood policing unit
  • Gangs and narcotics
  • Evidence technicians

If you are interested in attending the Citizen Police Academy, fill out the application (PDF) and submit via e-mail to Sgt. Villalobos by Monday, September 25th at 4pm.  Applicants must reside or work in Waukegan.