The Harborfront and North Harbor

Harborfront and North Harbor Map

The Harborfront and North Harbor development districts offer a new centerpiece for the Lakefront. These neighborhoods are approximately 335 acres in size and provide approximately 120 acres for development.

With the closing of key manufacturing plants, and reduced dependence on lake-based shipping, development adjacent to Waukegan's harbor will shift to a more diverse mix of recreational, residential and commercial uses. The Master Plan expands and enhances this evolution by proposing mixed-use, marina-based development that will re-define Waukegan's harbor for the next century. The 95-acre harborfront will include approximately 35 acres of development. The 240-acre North Harborfront area will include approximately 85 acres of development.

The Harborfront and North Harbor districts will be characterized by a rich diversity of housing types and marina-based retail. These will be organized around an intermodal transit center and a new Harborfront Park. Current marina-based uses will be encouraged to stay within the districts, but relocate to sites more suited to their long-term needs. Boat launch facilities will be relocated to an area that can accommodate their parking needs.

Waukegan's harbor will become a destination, not only for boaters and anglers, but also for area residents that want to be a part of a vibrant, diverse, mixed-use waterfront district. The Harborfront and North Harbor will be places to live, recreate, spend a weekend or an afternoon. They will perpetuate the spirit of Waukegan's maritime history.