Closing Letters and Zoning Certificates


A Closing letter is required for any transfer of real estate from one entity to another, regardless if the transfer is through a sale, bank, a gift, marriage, divorce, inheritance or a quit claim deed.  Without the closing letter, internally, the City will not have the accurate ownership for the real estate property. Closing Letters was a process that began in January 2014 by an adopted City Ordinance. Therefore, any sale on or after is subject to a closing letter.

A Zoning Certificate application is needed in addition to the closing letter, for the following:

  • 3 residential units or more
  • Commercial and residential combination
  • More details below*

Both applications may be submitted by any of the following parties:

Buyer or Seller, Previous owner or new owner, Buyers’ or sellers’ Attorney, Buyers’ or sellers’ Real Estate Agent, or a property representative.

As long as the City receives the application, with a minimum of 10 business days to complete. A Payoff statement will be completed and sent to requester via e-mail, which shall set forth all fees and charges owed to the City of Waukegan. Please note, there is no expedite service or fee.