Garage Sale Guidelines

Listed below are City of Waukegan code and zoning ordinance requirements for any and all garage sales held within the City of Waukegan.

City of Waukegan Code Division 3. Billposting & Distribution

Section 14-73 - Posting of Bills Restricted
No person shall post, stick, stamp, paint or otherwise fix or cause the same to be done by any person, any notice, placard, bill, card, poster, advertisement or other paper or devise to or upon any:

  • Sidewalk, cross walk, curb or any portion or any part of any public way or public place
  • Lamppost, electric light, telegraph, telephone pole, railway structure, hydrant, shade tree or tree box
  • Part of any public bridge or viaduct or other public structure of building, or upon any pole, box or fixture of the fire alarm, or police telegraph system, except such as may be authorized or required by law or ordinance

City of Waukegan - Zoning Ordinance

Section 4.4-2 - Temporary Uses

4. Permitted Temporary Uses 
Subject to the specific regulations and time limits that follow, and to the other applicable regulations of the district in which the use is permitted, the following temporary uses, and no others, are permitted in the zoning districts herein specified:

  • a. House, apartment, garage and yard sales:
    • In any residential district, but only when limited to the personal possessions of the owner-occupant of the dwelling unit at which such sale is being conducted
    • Such use shall be limited to a period not to exceed three consecutive days and no more than three such sales shall be conducted from the same residence in any twelve-month period
    • No Certificate of zoning compliance shall be required for such use.

For more information on Waukegan's ordinances, call the Code Compliance Office at 847-625-6860.

Garage Sale