CDBG Stakeholder Panel


Members are expected to participate in the meetings and may be removed for non-attendance.

  • 7pm
  • Second Tuesday of each month
  • City Hall


Members of the Stakeholder Participation Panel (SPP) must be residents of Waukegan for at least one year before completing an application. Terms of service are two years, however the term limit is currently being waived. Members must be willing and able to contribute the time necessary for performance of the functions of the SPP. There is application and orientation training.

About the Board

The SPP is a diverse group of Waukegan residents, some of them also representing local agencies or businesses, who are interested in participating in the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) planning process. The panel as a whole is intended to be representative of various neighborhoods and issues. They serve as an extension of the Community Development Block Grant office.

Members of the SPP co-host public hearings. They help staff in the development of the Consolidated Plan, specifically with assessing and identifying housing and community development assets and needs throughout the community. They also help review applications for funding and make recommendations about allocation of resources. They serve as additional points of contact for Waukegan's citizens, and they advise and assist CDBG staff as appropriate.