Downtown Parking Details

  • Click here to learn about SMART meters and pay stations in our downtown.

Parking Maps

View downtown parking lot locations by clicking on the lot name below for a link to a map

  • Lot B - Pay Station and Permit
  • Garage C – Pay Station and Permit
  • Lot D - Permit Only
  • Lot E - Permit Only
  • Lot F - Permit Only  
  • Lot G - METRA – Pay Station and Permit 
  • Lot H - METRA - Pay Station and Permit
  • Lot I - METRA - Pay Station and Permit
  • Lot K - METRA - Pay Station and Permit
  • Lot L - METRA - Pay Station and Permit

Parking Permits

Permits are available at  Permit application instructions are here.

Pay or Contest a Violation

To pay or contest a violation, visit

Alternate Parking Laws

The Alternate Parking Ordinance states that vehicles must park on the odd side of the street on odd calendar days and the even numbered side of the street on even calendar days. The ordinance is strictly enforced by the Waukegan Police Department daily from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 a.m.

The alternate parking ordinance has been in effect for more than thirty years to increase safety on city streets during winter weather and to better identify abandoned vehicles year round. Closely monitoring on-street parking during snow storms allows public works crews to quickly and more efficiently remove snow to make streets drivable. The penalty for not complying with alternate parking is a $25 ticket.

All Night Parking

The Parking Ordinance includes specific information about all night parking in the City in Section 21-119.  This section includes the following:

(c) No person shall park any vehicle between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. of any day within the municipal limits unless such vehicle bears a current city sticker or unless the city police department is given prior notification of circumstances necessitating the parking of a vehicle without a city sticker. The police department shall then have discretion to allow the parking of vehicles on a day-to-day basis


Frequently asked questions are answered here.