Economic Development

Map Showing Waukegan’s Location in IllinoisWaukegan Economic Information

Waukegan is a diverse community ready for increased development and businesses to meet the needs of its growing population. Here are some interesting facts and helpful information:

  • 1,000 ship marina and harbor for recreational and commercial usage.
  • 10th largest community in Illinois.
  • A strong market foundation in downtown Waukegan through the presence of city and county government and related businesses with immediate development opportunities
  • A supportive local government that has already invested millions in the downtown area, proving its resolve and commitment to the development of Waukegan
  • Access to a diverse workforce that offers a mix of skilled and professional workers
  • Close to an interstate highway system and connected with public transportation, including PACE bus system within the community and METRA access into Chicago and Kenosha, for daily commutes and weekend trips
  • County seat of Lake County, Illinois, with bustling county offices and buildings located in the heart of downtown
  • Daytime population of more than 103,000
  • Population of more than 90,000
  • Waukegan has one of the Midwest's largest lakefront and downtown redevelopments, including four miles of lakefront property and approximately 200 acres of net new development area
  • Waukegan has the second-busiest international airport in Illinois
  • Waukegan is just 40 miles north of downtown Chicago and 55 miles south of downtown Milwaukee

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